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In certain locations, a Jodhpuri suit for man is also known as a Bandhgala. It's a semi-traditional Rajasthani costume that's become famous throughout the nation. It will offer you a fashionable and manly look for a wedding or a family celebration meal. The most obvious benefit of having a Bandhgala is that it flatters all body shapes. The shape and fit of a Bandhgala must be flawless to get the original appearance. It should always feel like you're wearing a second skin. The length should be determined by the body type. Consider a velvet Jodhpuri suit with a stand collar and thread embroidery throughout. Alternatively, look like an emperor in a fashionable black Jodhpuri suit. A printed wine-colored suit is also a good option for weddings.

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The ever first Jodhpuri Suit

The first Jodhpuri outfit was inspired by Maharaja Pratap Singh of Jodhpur’s wardrobe malfunction during a trip to England to attend Queen Victoria’s birthday festivities in 1897. Actually, the original promoter of this attire was Maharaja Pratap Singh, a passionate polo player on the same tour. In honor of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee, Maharaja Pratap Singh visited London.

The ship carrying the Maharaja’s robes disappeared during the journey. For the occasion, the Maharaja, on the other hand, chose not to wear Western attire. He designed the new suit and had it tailored on Savile Row. The Maharaja erroneously replied, “Jodhpur,” when asked what the name of the clothing he bought was. Along with their outstanding polo play, the Maharaja and his polo team received recognition for their fashionable attire.

Jodhpuri suits have now become connected with India’s nobility, from fat aristocratic royal weddings to ceremonial gatherings, and jodhpuris are recognised as a fashionable semi-traditional Indian attire for guys. The Royal Jodhpuri suit is the most popular aristocratic gentleman’s fashion statement in India, and this design may also be seen worldwide. It is very well-liked in India as a sign of riches, though, because it must be created to order.

Jodhpuri Suits’ Style and Statement

Heavy Metal Green Textured Premium Terry-Rayon Bandhgala/Jodhpuri Suits for  Men.

In recent years, Jodhpuri dresses have grown popular as fusion wear. It comprises a bandhgala coat, vest, and pants that appear to be western clothes. It is constructed of breathable and comfortable fabrics like velvet, silk, and cotton. Amazing designs and needlework may be found on the collar, sleeves, and other parts of the garment. Jodhpuri clothing is often paired with kurtapajama desgin. But they are also paired with formal suits, chinos, casual shirts, dhoti trousers, and other modern looks. This modernizes the classic Jodhpuri suit for guys.

Jodhpuri outfits are without a doubt the current trendsetter in men’s ethnic dress. In order to avoid compromising the integrity of a Jodhpuri suit, one should choose one. Shop-bought, hand-stitched Jodhpuri attire is preferred by many admirers of the costume. A further way to stand out in your attire and draw attention to yourself is with a custom suit.

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